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Bake Sale - 2/9 + 2/10

We're excited to host another Bake Sale on 2/9 and 2/10! Parent contributions are what make our bake sales so successful, so please consider sending in store-bought, individually-wrapped, pre-packaged goodies for the kids to purchase. Nonedible goodies or monetary donations are welcome too!

Please complete this form so we can expect your contribution! Grades 1-5: send in contributions with your child on 2/9 & 2/10 Kindergarten: drop off contributions on 2/9

In addition to tasty treats, our students will be able to purchase LED roses for a special loved one, just in time for 💖 Valentine's Day. 💖

To comply with COVID safety protocol, please do not bake any treats yourself or individually wrap store-bought goods yourself. Contributions must be store-bought and pre-packaged by the manufacturer. Little Bites, Hostess Cakes, Little Debbies, small bags of candy, and similar items are greatly appreciated!


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