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Wellness Wednesdays 2022-2023

Dear P.S. 41 Families,

Many of you know that I am married with four children. With us both working full time jobs and the kids always busy with something, there never seems to be enough time to be together as a family. I know that all of you experience a similar set of circumstances and I want you to know that as a school we recognize that. Social emotional health is important for all of us! As such, we are setting aside one Wednesday per month to encourage your family to be together.

There will not be homework assigned on these dates! Play a game together. Watch a movie together. Go for a walk together. PLEASE Step away from the electronic devices. Eat dinner together. Make memories.

WELLNESS WEDNESDAYS Nov. 16, Dec. 21, Jan. 4, Feb. 1, March 1, April 5, May 3, June 7

Warmly, Joseph Ferrara Principal



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