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THURSDAY, 5/27 9:00 - 10:00am

PS41 needs YOU! Sign up to share a video about your career at our VIRTUAL CAREER DAY on May 27th! It is a fun opportunity for all our students to learn about different careers and get to know our parents! And it's EASY!

Find out more about this fun and exciting day with this 2-minute video, brought to you by the Student Council.

Participating in Career Day is EASY! Just follow these simple steps!

STEP 1: Sign up to participate please fill out this form by Thursday, 5/6

STEP 2: Record a 5-minute video about your job and send your video to Mary Bow at before 5/20. Use props or record from your job site, you can even include your kids!

STEP 3: We will share your video with your child's grade on May 27th! And if you have multiple children, we will share with their grades too!

If you have questions about anything, contact Mary Bow at



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