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Science Workshops - Spring 2023

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Thanks to your generous donations, the PTA is sponsoring two science workshops for each grade this Spring. Educators from the Science Museum of Long Island will come to our classrooms and teach the following topics, to enhance our school's science education.


4/3: Animal Adaptations

5/30: Butterflies

1st Grade

4/17: Animal Adaptations

5/18: Slime, Goo & Ooze

2nd Grade

5/18: Slime, Goo & Ooze

5/19: Kitchen Chemistry

3rd Grade

4/25: Magnets

5/9: Slime, Goo & Ooze

4th Grade

5/4: StarLab

5/11: Bridging the Gap

5th Grade

5/4: StarLab

5/24: Endangered Species



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