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Safety During Drop Off and Dismissal - Main Building

November 9, 2022

Dear Parents,

For the safety of our children it is vital that you do your best to ensure that all children are dropped off and picked up safely and on-time. We understand that there may be various levels of traffic congestion around the school at drop off and dismissal. It is important that you plan accordingly so that you can drop off and pick up children in safe and appropriate locations.

  • In the morning, the front door may be unlocked for employees to enter but it is VERY important for you to know that we do not offer supervision of children until 7:40 AM. Children should not be sent into the building until 7:40 AM or later.

  • Cars should never be double parked under any circumstances.

  • Children should not be allowed to exit a vehicle in the middle of the road. Children should also never be dropped off in a crosswalk.

  • During the morning drop-off there is a“Stop & Drop” on 35th Avenue in front of the school. At the “Stop & Drop” area parents should not get out of their cars to walk children to the front door. That is not the purpose of the stop and drop. If you have small children and need to walk them to the front door, please park your car in an appropriate spot first.

  • Cars cannot park or even stand on 214th Lane along the school side. These are bus zones and cars are NEVER allowed to be there. We understand that on days when it is particularly cold or there is inclement weather that it may be opportune to utilize this street, but it is not OK.

  • Please don’t speed around the school or honk at school buses!

  • Please remember crossing guards are there to help us, working to enforce rules and keep people safe.

We appreciate your cooperation.


Joseph Ferrara


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