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Retrieve items from last year - Finally!

Dear P.S. 41 Families,

We are designating days/times for everyone to retrieve their child’s desk items/Lifetouch spring pictures/unused trip monies from last year. We will also give REMOTE students math workbooks.

You can drive/wait alongside the school building (one-way side on 214th Lane) and pull up near the bus door closest to 35th Avenue. Just tell us your child’s name/previous classroom/siblings and wait for us to hand you the bag(s). Please make sure you are wearing a mask.  Please remain in your vehicle or at least 6 feet from the door if you are not in a car.  

(Note: these are last year's class)

MONDAY 9/14: 1-108 - 8:30am 1-109 - 9:00am 1-110 - 9:30am 2-111 - 10:00am 2-112 - 10:30am 2-113 - 11:00am 2-101 - 11:30am

K/1/2-114 - 12:00pm

TUESDAY 9/15: 3-103 - 8:30am 3-107 - 9:00am 3/4/5 - 9:30am 4-211 - 10:00am 4-213 - 10:30am 4-215 - 11:00am Former 5th grade - 11:30am

Incoming Kindergarten REMOTE only - 12:00pm

If you cannot drive by during these time slots, please email: for an appointment during the following week.

Thanks so much for your cooperation!

Sincerely, Joseph Ferrara, Principal

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