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Miss Chocolate Fundraiser

Miss Chocolate Fundraiser
9/19/22 to 10/11/22

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There are three ways to participate: 

  1. Use the sales packet sent home to sell to friends and family. (No unsupervised door-to-door sales, please!)

  2. Sell online using Miss Chocolate's website, and invite your family and friends to shop the online store using Seller ID #100579!

  3. Order a case of 60 assorted chocolate bars to sell to friends (or eat yourself!) using this order form!

For questions, contact Judy at

Thank you for supporting our school!

Please note that orders that are shipped to NY and NJ will be charged applicable sales tax.

Sales Packet

Use your sales packet to send your completed order form and payment to school! Just follow these steps:

  1. Complete the top of the 3-part NCR order form with your personal information. Please include your organization ID# 100579 and write your home address on the last line of the order form.

  2. Collect payment with your orders. Cash, checks, or money orders made payable to PS41 Q PTA are accepted. Do not collect sales tax.

  3. Your customers can also pay for their brochure order using any credit or debit card, or Pay Pal, by logging onto Enter the organization ID# 100579 when prompted, and the authorization code provided in the column on the order form at the end of the transaction.

  4. Return your envelope with the top 2 copies of your tally form with payment by 10/11/22.

  5. That's it! Orders will be delivered to school by 11/02/22.

Selling Online

You can invite family and friends to participate in our fundraiser and shop online through your personalized ordering site.


When registering your child, choose to have your order shipped for free to our school (PS 41 Q), or have your online order shipped directly to the purchasing family member/friend’s home. Shipping to individual homes is free for orders over $99. .



  1. Click here 

  2. Click on "Register - I know my school ID"

  3. Enter our School ID# 100579 to register and follow directions.

  4. Invite family and friends through your personalized ordering site to participate in our fundraiser.

  5. Shop online to help raise money for our school and earn prizes at the same time!

Do you have friends and family who do not want to place their order online?  Download an order form for ease. You can collect orders and money, place the entire order online, and have the order shipped to you. With this option, your prizes earned will be sent with your order.

Case of Chocolate Bars

Chocolate Bars must be sold by ordering cases only, and all cases must be pre-paid. Please fill out this order form and return it to school with cash, check or money order payable to P.S. 41Q PTA.  No returns, please!

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World's Finest Chocolate bars are made in the USA and are peanut-free and gluten-free.  


Everyone who participates gets a prize!  Prizes are arranged by total items sold, ranging from 1 to 126+ items, which can make everyone an easy winner. Check out the prize catalog online.

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